Travel Insurance – Did you know?

As Canadians recover from the recession, travel and consumer confidence is on the rise. According to Statistics Canada, “Canadian travel to the United States and overseas countries rose 3.6% in March from the previous month.” In fact, 4.4 million outbound trips were taken by Canadians in March. Of those trips, 3.7 million were to the US, an increase from February. The largest increase was in overnight car trips, up 1.5%. As for overseas travel, Canadians took 690,000 trips in March, up 1.8% from February.

A recent article in Travel Weekly states, “airlines, cruise lines, hotels and tourist boards are seeing figures that are well up on 2009 and are approaching 2008 levels.” Although not as strong as 2008 numbers, travel is up more than anticipated. “The pace of improvement, based on an improving global economic situation, is much faster than anybody would have expected even six months ago,” said Giovanni Bisignani, International Air Transport Association’s director general and CEO.
The Conference Board of Canada expects leisure trips to grow by 14% between 2009 and 2013. Without a comprehensive travel insurance plan, travelers are responsible for all medical expenses if an accident or illness occurs away from home. As well, they may lose all non-refundable prepaid travel fees if forced to cancel or interrupt their trip.
Many senior travellers rely on group health plans for their medical needs. So it’s essential that the value of a strong subrogation clause is understood.
What is subrogation? In the event of a claim, insurance companies will subrogate or “get money from” other responsible parties. In other words, they end up splitting the bill. For example, if medical costs add up to $60,000, your group health plan could end up paying $30,000. Why let a travel claim negatively impact your extended health plan?
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Travel Underwriters offers one of the highest subrogation limits in the Canadian marketplace.
If your group plan has a lifetime maximum limit of $100,000 or less, Travel Underwriters will pay the full amount and won’t subrogate. Ensure your lifetime maximum limit is not eroded by travel insurance claims. With Travel Underwriters, you can reduce ¬†financial risk and travel with peace-of-mind.

Safe Travels!

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