My Accident: The Recovery Continues

it has been a while since I have written a blog posting. I have discovered that life is extremely difficult when recovering from a car accident.  In my last post, i wrote that my jeep was written off. Its July 21 and I am finally replacing it!! It has been a interesting  journey back in time as I drove different cars some with a/c and others without!!

As i struggle to put my life in order one of the things that i needed was a car. The insurance company rented a vehicle for me for a couple of weeks as they determined whether or not my jeep was repairable. They put me in a car of like kind and quality but i will admit, it was creepy being in that rental Jeep.

Yes, i knew where everything was and yes it was new and shiny but i didn’t feel safe. Most of the functions I took for granted weren’t there so I had to divert my attention to the controls to see what I was doing from adjusting the air to changing the radio station.  Sometimes while waiting at a light, i would look at the car and picture my accident again and think back to what my car looked like

After the rental was returned, i borrowed cars for a week, rented a vehicle for another week then graciously accepted a loaner from my godfather which i just returned yesterday and will help him sell.

My accident and subsequent recovery period has been extremely stressful. I have found it difficult to concentrate and extremely difficult to replace my truck. I had been driving a Jeep product since 2000. I was very comfortable in that car. The accident shook me out of my comfort.

I will applaud my truck for keeping me so safe and I thank my lucky stars that i walked away. I hope that I don’t ever have to live through that again. In the meantime, i want to post a couple of pics of my Jeep… before and after.

until next time…

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