Accident and Injury: My Experience – The Write-off

I received the call today telling me that the insurer wasn’t going to fix my jeep. I am devastated. I loved my truck.  Now i am being given a dollar value to the vehicle that i have already built so many memories with. Yes I know it is just a truck, but it was my truck with all its quirks.

I now have to begin the search for a replacement – what a pain!  i don’t want to get into debt for a new truck but at the same time I would like to improve a bit on the vehicle that I own – is that too much to ask?

I am searching the autotrader, friends of friends, the usa and all i find is nice cars with super high kms…

Am I stuck in the same truck for life? Will i ever get out?

The fact that my truck fit my needs so well is fantastic. I also suffer from the fact that it saved my life and at the same time, i cannot seem to look at another one the same.

it brings back memories of that terrible day when my sense of security was taken from me. Yes it may sound a little whiny but it is the truth.

I wonder if I can overcome that feeling of dread and get back into a similar vehicle or do i have to change things up…

Either way, i loved my HEMI….

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