Accident and Injury – My Experience

I am shaken up. I am tired. I feel emotionally distant – as if my emotions burned out.  I am in more pain now as my muscles start to stiffen up. I used to work out 4 to 5 days a week, now I have to relax and rest. I led an active lifestyle, now i have to relax. I am fit and now I am in pain. I cannot pick up my kids, i have to go down to the ground to hug them. I am sad. i am frustrated. I have to move forward yet i find that it is overwhelming.

I have been evaluated by 3 professionals: An RMT who will be providing me massage therapy and a treatment plan, my family doctor who diagnosed me with whiplash 3? and a chiro who will be helping organize my recovery.

I have cancelled my weekly hockey power skating and game, and working out has stopped (my modified p90X routine).

I have watched movies, made arrangements for work and now writing on my blog.

The pain has increased. I now feel it in my back, neck as well and the pins and needles are ever present.

My Road to recovery starts Monday with Counselling. Tuesday I see the Chiro and the RMT.

I am determined to recover. I want to be back on my feet  – i want to wrestle and hold my boys in my arms… I won’t let this get me down…

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