Accident and Injury – my Experience

Saturday Night a driver decided to drive carelessly. He decided to speed. I believe he also decided to drink but i cannot verify this. On that same night, i decided to head into my office to work on my accounting for my 2009 taxes. I decided to leave at a certain time and I decided to take certain roads.

All these choices and life paths joined together in a life alterning moment. The guy speeding down the road drove right through a red light and into my Jeep.

Over the next little while, my articles are going to focus on my rehab and recovery. on this accident and the aftermath.

Luckily for me, he hit my front quarter-panel (driver side) and did not hit the door… I would have been much worse off.

There were many people asking if we were okay but surprisingly few witnesses stepped up to report. Luckily I have an eyewitness that saw it all : )

I never had a chance to react. I entered the intersection, saw a car and before I could say “oh sh*t”  i was hit, spun around, hit again then pushed eastbound into the intersection.

With a surprising calmness, i turned off my car, unbuckled my seatbelt and limped out of the car – adrenaline rushing.  I was very lucky not to have any broken bones. The other car (a chrysler 300) was totalled. I think the owner asked if I was okay, but i cannot recall. I do remember him lamenting that he “mashed up” his car…i wanted to tell him that he “mashed up” my life! I wanted to tell him that he and his stupid decision was only a fraction of a second of depriving my sons of their father for the rest of their lives. I was so angry and all i could do was listen to my father and the paramedics and sit down on the opposite side of the road and thank the lord that I was alive.

The officer arrived on scene and after checking in on us started to gather the story. The guy confessed to running a red…the officer was shocked (perhaps too shocked to give him a breath test or perhaps he did not have the gear)

my friend then later my dad and brother came on the scene to take care of my belongings as I was taken to the hospital and x-rayed for damage.

The emergency workers were great  – police, fire, ambulance and emergency all worked well and efficiently to treat me and to make me feel safe.

I was x-rayed for breaks but I didn’t suffer any.

At this point, i have a sore shoulder, knee and pins and needles in my finger tips and toes… I’m told it gets worse…

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