Happy Holidays – Happy New Year!

It is the most wonderful time of the year – there is snow on the ground, partying to be done, gifts to be exchanged, slush to trudge through, packed parking lots to navigate, hot chocolate to be drunk and a bite in the air – man it’s cold! It is the time of the year where people seem brighter, friendlier and in the spirit of the times, I wanted to talk about some tips that will help ensure that the season remains festive and light.


The snow slush and ice can reek havoc on any road, much less an urban city scape. Accidents can be preventable if we drive with care – remember:

  • 4 wheel drive gives you more control – but you aren’t superman!
  • snow tires give you a stronger grip on the road – get them if you can!
  • Clean your windows!! – you need a full view of your surroundings when you drive
  • Washer fluid – keep it stocked up in your car
  • NO DRINKING AND DRIVING – (simple enough?)
At Home:
With you home decorated for the season, it is easy to forget that more hazards are present now that before:
  • water your tree – (if you have a live one) – a dry tree mixed with hot lights = fire waiting to happen
  • Garland – looks great – but make certain you keep an eye on younger children as they can get tangled up in it.
  • Going away? – don’t forget to turn off the water and empty the pipes – in case of a power out, you don’t want your pipes to burst!
  • Holiday parties – make certain that if your guests are drinking, that they don’t drive home (or have a DD)
Many businesses slow down operations or cease them all together during the holidays:
  • Keep the thermostat fairly warm – you don’t want the pipes in your sprinkler system to burst
  • make certain that security or the alarm company has a direct contact number for all key staff
  • lock up the building tight and perhaps hire a security company to patrol during the days that you are away
Taking a little bit of preventative care will always ensure that the holidays are spent joyously and safely. Have a safe and joyous one!
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