Critical Illness Insurance for your child

It is said that a picture speaks volumes. I have spoken about critical illness insurance for adults and children and no matter how many stories I tell or what words I use, I think that one of the companies that I represent, Desjardins Financial, has stated it best in a flier in 2007: “I want my mommy”.

No one wants to think about their child being sick – as a parent I finally realize the feeling that people describe as gut-wrenching – sending your child out into the world and letting them live their own life… My son is only is daycare, but that is beside the point – for 8 hours a day, that 2 year old has his own life :(.

You want to protect them and be by their side but at the same time you know that they have to learn life’s lessons… Being sick is not one that you want them to learn – and if they got sick, you won’t move from their side.

Critical Illness is a coverage for the unthinkable times. When you get it for your kids, you are ensuring that you can take time from work to be with them, to get the best medical attention and to make sure they still have a house to come home to… See the ad from Desjardins below. The basis of the policy is similar to the adult version except it is enhanced with child-specific coverage such as Autism, Rhett’s syndrome, Cystic fibrosis and optional coverage includes Type 1 diabetes, Cerebral palsy, Muscular dystrophy.

The coverage is not a solution to anything, rather it helps to fund the treatment should something occur. Look, there is no easy way to speak about this type of coverage and i hope that modern science discovers ways of ensuring that none of our children ever get terribly sick again. Until then, make certain that if the unforeseeable happens, you will have the funds to support you while you are at their side supporting them.

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