Insurance Programs and You

“Being one of the crowd” is a stereotype that many of us have been taught to break. We want to standout, be different and be great. We strive to achieve, to better ourselves and rise to the top of the pack. Well this is all fine and good, but there are some instances where being park of the pack is also really great!

Insurance programs are packages put together in order to reduce the cost of insurance and build a group of clients (which eventually leads to referrals). Please keep in mind – being part of the pack is great for the pocket book and keeps the competition on the same playing field!

It is more than likely that you have been approached by your university or high school alumni association trying to hit you up for donations. In some of those mailings, you will undoubtedly received a flier talking about the special group insurance plan offered to people in your situation (i.e. alumni of the school). This is an example of a group insurance plan (such as home and auto coverage).

Another type of group insurance plan is the insurance package. For example, our office has insurance packages for Self-storage facilities (self-storage insurance program), Graphic Designers (Insurance program), Law Office (Insurance program) and Restaurant Franchises insurance programs (to name a few).

The goal of these packages is to reduce the overall cost of insurance to the business owners and to get more of them working with us! The owners benefit by the low cost and the lack of association fees. All you have to do is be in that industry!

When it comes to business insurance policies, the typical minimum premium level is hovering around the $800 to $1000 range (this year – 2008), depending on the risk. For a small law office – that may be a lot of money (i know, bad example choosing the guy who bills $200 per hour).

The point is that the Insurance program offers you a further discount than if you walked off the street to the brokerage. The programs are usually offered exclusively through a broker who arranges a deal with the insurance company in advance in exchange for greater market share.

Win – Win? I think is it. When you sign up for a specialized insurance package program you have the advantage of coverage tailored to your industry, premiums that are lower (warehouse pricing) and the service of a broker to help you along!

The Catch – you have to fit the box. If you don’t fit the box, don’t despair – you will probably get a great quote anyway and you will have the added benefit of knowing that you stand out from the crowd!

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