Human Capital – Your Company’s Biggest Asset

We all know the people who work really hard without ever asking for more money. They pile the work on, they work late hours and they aren’t bothered by the little things that happen at the office. They work hard because they care about a job well done. This is a quality that should be recognized and cherished – these people cause less headaches and make your company look great. As a business owner you have to ensure that your human capital is handled properly because the greater the productivity of your employees, the greater your organization’s productivity and value!

Now you are probably asking yourself – what the heck does this have to do with insurance. Well – it’s easy: Your important employees are critical to your company’s operations – if that critical person is no longer able to work for you, you will lose money – you have to insure that risk.

Your business is a living thriving entity, and as such needs the proper maintenance to help it grow. When it comes to employees, you should include:

  • health checks and encourage continuing education for your employees – a healthy employee ensures that your benefits program is cheaper and education helps to increase productivity
  • have proper personnel selection procedures – let’s face it, hiring someone is not cheap. I coined a phrase earlier this year – Train and Retain… pick the right people the first time (as often as possible!)
  • have a sound procedure for placing, developing and promoting employees – no one wants to work in a place that has no future. Your employees look at you as a model – you made it to the top – they want a chance as well!

Remember, your employees can be lost by the following risks: death, disability, critical illness, retirement, resignation or workplace violence.

Insurance can protect you from some of these losses. Key-Person insurance, Health benefits and Life insurance packages are some avenues worth exploring  – your business and employees deserve it!

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