So you ran into a Timmy’s Drive through window?

Driving on today’s roads are becoming more and more dangerous. Our lifestyle is so fast and exhausting that we sometimes make errors and end up in a store-front window. With more cars on the road and longer commutes, our days are becoming more tiresome and we tend to lose concentration for a split second, and unfortunately – that split second could mean the difference between a relaxing cup of coffee and an airbag in the face!

As an insurance professional I can offer you advise on how to drive better, how to protect your liability exposure, to increase your deductibles to get better premiums, to get the increased accident benefits (because $400 per week is honestly a little weak – don’t you agree?)

Personally i think that if i can offer any advice it would be:

  • Slow Down – I used to drive the 401 to London often (I went to Western) and I found that ever 10 kms I drove over the speed limit, only resulted in a difference of 10 minutes on my drive –
    • honestly…is it really that big an issue? if you are running late – leave earlier…plan ahead!
  • Pay attention – Okay, I admit it, i check my emails while i drive (it isn’t called a crackberry for nothing!) – but I only respond when I am at a light or pulled over.
    • People are cutting others off, driving erratically and in the case of the accident at Timmy’s – just not paying attention
  • Take a breather – stopping to smell the roses is a fantastic saying that brings an excellent point to bear: take a moment to breath…to relax…to get your mind ready for the drive ahead or to get settled after the drive.
    • Driving takes alot of energy out of you, especially if you have kids in the car. Mentally prepare yourself – breath for 1 – 2 minutes…adjust your mirrors.. just do something to relax your mind – it will help!

So as far as insurance advice – you should consider increasing your accident benefits to higher levels because if you are off of work for an extended period of time you will still have mortgage or rent to pay, bills to pay and possibly kids to take care of. Seriously consider if $400 per week is enough.

Good luck – and safe driving!

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