Ask me about Cancer Insurance

There is an article in the paper today about the increasing skin cancer rates in Canada – in fact, it is the Number 1 according to Heather Chappell, senior manager of Cancer Control Policy for the Canadian Cancer society. Apparently youth today are not protecting themselves as much as they should – personally I am a convert. I used to put accelerator on – oh yes, I remember the SPF 4 deep bronzing tan cream.  I am not sure that if it is age, or just because we only stock the SPF 45 now, but I have found that even when I wear the 45 sunblock, I still tan. The bigger concern is the fact that cancer is on the rise and while I can’t offer any solutions to help you prevent it, I can offer you a solution to help you fight it: Cancer insurance.


Cancer insurance – Claudio I have never heard of that – what is it? Simply put is it Critical Illness insurance. You see everything in your life is linked in one form or another. Take a small business owner. Their income is directly related to the amount of work that they put into the business. If they develop cancer, they have to re-prioritize their efforts and fight for survival.  Their business will suffer and with that goes their income, possibly mortgage, debts increase and stress increases.

Critical Illness is a no-brainer for business and personal needs. Cancer fighting drugs can be expensive and many people prefer to find alternative treatments in lieu of traditional chemotherapy, the funds that you unlock from a critical illness payout would be a welcome relief to anyone who has payments to continue after the inconvenience of becoming sick.

Without sounding like a cheesy TV commercial – the rates can be very inexpensive: $100 K for a Female or Male 32 years old (non-smoker) are as low as $1 a day…. Think about it…. You don’t know what the future holds (if you do, please tell me the lottery numbers!), why not be proactive…don’t wait until you can’t get it.

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