Intangibly yours

“I would get behind the wheel of my car and start the engine – it had been a while – I would sit there and cry inside, helpless to the fact that I couldn’t drive my car.”

A client of mine spoke something very similar to that in a meeting we had recently. She had lost her insurance coverage and we were signing the applications for new coverage for her. She had felt helpless and was very grateful to be able to drive again. She works in the opposite end of the city from her residence and the ride on public transit resulted in extremely long days for her. Insurance coverage for her is tangible – she can feel the effects of not having it

It is often difficult to fork over that payment for your insurance coverage. It is one of the most price sensitive products out there. We hate paying for it – we rarely see the benefits. We always notice when the premium fluctuates (up or down) but we rarely consider the consequences of not having it.

Personal insurance – auto insurance is a critical component of your ability to commute. Living in the 905, we don’t have the luxury of a transit system as broad as the 416, our cars are crucial to getting around. Home insurance rebuilds your house; life insurance provides for your heirs, critical illness insurance provides for you.

Business Insurance – the right kind of business insurance keeps everything that you worked so hard for intact. It can protect you against lawsuits; it can protect you from lost revenues; it can protect you against slander; it can defend you against false accusations

Insurance is that dastardly product that we pay and pay and pay for but only miss it when we need it most. For this reason it is so important to ensure that you have the right coverage for the right risk exposures – without that, you are only paying for a very expensive piece of paper!

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