Great Jingle by Metlife – All about insurance

I just received a fantastic link to a Met Life advertisement regarding insurance and how insurance works. While it is styled in a cornier 70’s musical theme, it really drives home what insurance is all about: MetLife Jingle

You see, the idea of insurance is a very old one and it makes allot of sense – self-insuring has it’s limits and for the really big stuff, you need the protection that you can afford.

To clarify self-insurance, i am describing the portion of the risk that you are taking responsibility for. With car insurance, you would have a deductible for the damage you cause to your car or other people. This deductible is your self-insurance limit. You are partnering up with the insurance company to pay the first $500 of a claim (for example) and then they will pay the rest.

In business insurance, it is not uncommon to find $2500, $5000 and even $10,o00 deductibles. For some companies, the higher deductible makes sense because they can handle that kind of cash in the event of a loss, and it keeps the insurance prices lower.

Have a look at the jingle and remember that insurance is the one thing that we know we need, we don’t like to pay for it, but when it acts, we are so grateful that it did.

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