Breast cancer patients suffer huge income losses – Article on

I was recently forwarded an article that spoke about a study regarding women diagnosed with breast cancer. In the study the researchers focused on the financial loss that breast cancer patients suffer during their treatment process. The article discusses the issues many self employed, stay at home and part-time women can financially face when diagnosed with breast cancer. Critical illness insurance is the solution to the problem they present.

The article discusses how “women (after being diagnoses) need to take an average of 32 weeks off of work for treatment and recovery” . If they qualify for Employment insurance, they will typically receive about 55% of their wages for about 15 weeks. The cost of the drugs are extremely high – 55% of their wage is certainly not enough.

The article discusses about the types of women who would suffer more of a loss than others and emphasizes that, “Those (women) who required chemotherapy were also more likely to lose more income than the average.”

I have written about this subject many times on my blog and I will continue to post articles challenging people to get Critical Illness insurance. Taking time away from work to fight a terrible disease is a fact of life for many people. Stressing about the finances during that time should not have to happen.

Fight your sickness, get healthy, concentrate on your path towards a second chance at life. Critical illness insurance can be the crutch that help you get through that ordeal. The main issue that must be satisfied is that you survive the diagnosis for 30 days. After the 30 day mark, you will receive a cheque for the amount insured.

That money can be used for whatever you need it for. Do you need it for drugs? Do you need to make your mortgage payments? Do you need a vacation to relax?

A critical illness policy affords you the freedom to fight your sickness, relax and heal your mind and body without stressing about the financial loss of not working.

The authors conclude that wage losses from breast cancer should be seen as “an important adverse consequence of this disease.” You can get a critical illness policy that will be there in case you need it and that will return you money to you should you stay healthy. It can be the one of the few win-win products out there that money can buy!

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