Traffic Laws and you … did you know…?

So i was doing a little reading a while back and i found a neat little article in the local paper about traffic rules that exist and do not exist. The article was written by Joe Fantauzzi for the york region papers. I wanted to post this because some of these violations can lead to increases in insurance costs for you (should you be convicted). So let’s play the game … Did you know …?

Common belief #1: My license plate sticker expires on my birthday, but i have until the end of the month to renew (or in my ex-wife’s case 10 months later haha)

Reality: Apparently not. While you may get a grace period of a few days, we actually have to renew the sticker on the date of our birthday …
Common belief #2: Pedestrians have the right of way (this is for all those who live in the core and have to do double takes)

Reality: Sometimes but not always! Jaywalking is not a legal means of entering the intersection and they could be charged. Another no-no is stepping out into the road during a the countdown on a crosswalk timer …What do you know!


Common belief #3: Speed trap! Warn others but don’t let the cops see because its illegal!

Reality: There actually isn’t a law saying you cannot do that. In fact, I would encourage more people to warn others of speed traps because it will slow traffic down!


Common belief #4: Left lane of the highway is for the fastest traffic (uh oh … i think i tweeted about this lol)

Reality: this is more of a common courtesy than law. Speed limit in Ontario is posted and for the 400 series highways it is primarily 100 km per hour. And as for trucks? Unless there are signs saying otherwise, they can drive in any lane on open stretches of highway

Common belief #5: Can’t make a lane change in an intersection

Reality: there is no law saying you cannot. If you do it safely with a turn signal, you’re all good.


Finally: #6 On ramp etiquette I want in!!!  you have to make room for me!

Reality: its up to the driver entering the highway to merge safely with traffic.


There you have it … hope these help you be better drivers, keep you from getting tickets and help to keep your premiums lower!

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