Critical illness on the rise yet most Canadian parents not adequately insured

if you think you have agents and sales people knocking on your door, you have to see what we get. One thing that i have learned about life in sales is that people genuinely are passionate about their product. That is a very good thing. You may not want their product or even feel that you have need of it. But sometimes it is really good to listen.

For example, below is an article found on the investment executive website about Critical illness insurance. We are in the business. We know how important the coverage is for our clients and non-clients. We as a society are programmed to say no, but did you know:

Critical illness insurance can help families avoid financial & emotional duress
Nov 01, 2011 09:40

Despite the prominence of cancer, stroke and heart disease in Canada, a new poll by TD Insurance found that 65% of Canadian parents with children still living at home don’t have critical illness insurance.
According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, about one-in-two Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime, and 1.6 million Canadians currently have heart disease or are living with the effects of a stroke.

“The good news is that thanks to medical advancements, many people are surviving critical illnesses and living longer, fulfilling lives with their families,” says Dave Minor, vice president, TD Insurance.

“But recovering from a serious illness can be expensive and other forms of insurance may leave a gap in your coverage. Critical illness insurance is designed to fill this gap and reduce the impact that an illness has on a family’s overall financial health.”

“Suffering from a serious illness is an incredibly difficult time for the patient and their loved ones,” says stress and wellness expert Beverly Beuermann-King. “There is so much to deal with – making decisions about care, remaining financially stable and meeting the family’s day-to-day needs, all while coping with a myriad of emotions.

Critical illness insurance can help families get through that time. It lets the family focus entirely on fighting and recovering from an illness together, instead of worrying about how to make ends meet.”
Minor says families should consider critical illness insurance as an integral part of their household’s overall financial health. “No one plans to get sick, but it’s important to ensure your family is covered in the event that something unexpected happens.

Everyone’s situation is different, so it’s important to speak to an expert so that they can recommend a policy that works for you and your family.”

TD Insurance commissioned Environics Research Group to conduct a custom online survey of 1,000 Canadian adults. Results were collected between March 5 – 13.


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