2011 – New decade, New Year – Same old routine?

I am just reading an article in a broker’s magazine by a good guy named John K. (privacy reasons), he may be no Dougie Gilmour, but  he is a good guy nonetheless! (i love Grapes!)  The article talks to brokerage owners about business continuity planning after reflecting on the earthquake that hit Central and Eastern Ontario last year. Now if you are reading this article and have read others here, you may see a pattern of me taking ideas and demonstrating how they are relevant to everyday businesses and people.  So, when it comes to Business Continuity Planning or even Personal Disaster planning for your family, i believe i can serve best here by giving you some things to consider and to offer you my assistance professionally should you need…

Business Continuity or Disaster Planning is like an insurance policy in case the unthinkable happens. You ask yourself, “What if?” quite often when speaking about the lottery or when catching up on your favorite celebrity  –  but what about the most important “What ifs?”:

– What if I couldn’t open my doors yesterday to do business – what would i do today?

– What if I had a heart attack yesterday – what would i do once i recovered? What would happen to my business and family?

– what if a fire swept through the building and destroyed all my stock – what now?

– what if a fire started in the night? Can my family escape? where do we live?

There are many what ifs in the world and i am more than certain that we can go nuts just trying to get our head around them all – which is why we simply assume that everything is going to be okay because… “it won’t happen to me!”

This article is not only intending for the world wide audience of Insurance Help readers (all 2 of you lol) – in fact it is directed to myself as well!

I was comfortably having a life without thinking about what if a guy is speeding and runs a red light and totals my jeep… then it happened and i have struggled this year from physical to mental pain and everything in between.

When planning for disaster, your team should come up with a generalized game plan to cover off many scenarios. From ordering product, communicating to clients to a hiring process intended to find a replacement for key personnel, your plan should cover off the basics and ensure that when the unthinkable happens, your team can get it together confidently knowing what the plan is and how they are going to execute it.

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