Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

In the spirit of the holiday season and looking forward to a new year (because I really need to look up right now in lieu of down), I thought it would be great to focus an article on something new … New Drivers! I remember “back in the day”  when I obtained my learner’s permit and driver’s licence a few months apart (and I probably could have done it sooner if I had booked it earlier!). Today, our new drivers in Ontario must pass through a graduated driving program and even though they are being taught allot, there is still much information that isn’t passed along. This article will focus on myths that people have passed around to strike fear into the hearts of all new drivers : ) …

True or False: Its all about Colour…. Myth: Insuring a black or red car is more expensive than other colours:

FALSE! Colour doesn’t actually matter to us! The rates are based on the car’s year, make, model and drivers listed … so go ahead, grab that lime green or hot pink car!

True or False: When one door opens…. Myth: a 2-door car costs more to insure than a 4-door

FALSE! Well sort of false! (welcome to the world of insurance!) The rating for cars is based on claims history of that vehicle, accident frequency, repair costs, theft, vandalism and safety ratings… basically, it comes down to what kind of car – some 2 door cars will be cheaper to insure than some 4 door… so do your research before buying!

True or False: RUN! Its the Parking Ticket Dude! … Myth: Parking ticket = Increase in Insurance rates

FALSE! Well sort of … Getting a parking ticket doesn’t mean that your rates will be affected … if you don’t pay your parking tickets (or get them thrown out), then you can lose the ability to get your license and thus get a license suspension and thus have your rates affected …

True or False: DUDE! Where’s My Car!  … Myth: If you loan your buddy your car and it gets totaled, his insurance will cover it.

FALSE! When you loan out your to someone, you have to realize that you are also taking responsibility for their actions. One of the major advantages to a vehicle is that you can be responsible for it and when you loan it out, you are trusting that person to be responsible with your stuff. You can be held financially responsible if they cause an accident…

True or False: Me and My buddy are the same!  Myth: Your rates and your friend’s rates should be the same-ish…

FALSE! Each person is unique as are their insurance rates. Age, driving record, type of vehicle and location are all considered

And Finally:

True or False: No Points… YES!!! Myth: I bargained away the points on my license so that it won’t affect my rates…

FALSE! Any conviction will affect your rates in some way – points are not considered unless they result in a suspension of your license.

Good Luck and happy driving!

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