Controlling risk – Tips to help reduce your company’s losses from a fire

I remember an old Simpson’s episode about employee co-operation at the nuclear plant. Mr. Burns set off the fire alarm in order to test employee preparedness in case of a fire. It was funny to see the staff go into hysterics and erupt into a mass confusion including one employee running in circles yelling, “ fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire…” Fire prevention and training is an important aspect of every company’s risk management program, but an equally important fire policy – controlling the loss of the property is one that should be looked at as well.

Here are a few tips that your operations manager should consider in tandem with your broker to reduce the severity of fire losses:

Have the fire department over for a coffee: a coffee date? No, have them over to review the facility’s layout and hazardous operations, storage areas, internal fire fighting systems etc.

Prepare a gift for the fire department – Fire Department data packets are useful tools that give the answering engine the information about your building that they need in order to fight any fires effectively. The packet would include items such as:

§ Construction of the building

§ If there are any hazardous contents or production operations

§ Utility shutoff-valve locations

§ Any other data vital to the firefighter in order to fight the blaze

Make friends – designate a liaison between your organization and the fire department – this will increase co-ordination before and during a fire emergency

A few simple tips that may help you change a terrible scenario into just a bad one.

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