Fleet Driver: Don’t worry, your record will be affected

So you have your driver’s license but you don’t use your personal vehicle – you drive the company truck. Let’s say you get into an accident where you back into a light pole and completely destroy the alignment of the frame causing the vehicle to be written off. No big deal – the company has insurance. Right? Wrong. Huge deal for you because that accident gets added to your driving record – your personal driving record.

Some people assume that their business driving record and their personal driving record are two separate things. They drive the company vehicles more recklessly than their own because they think that it is the company’s problem – it will never affect them.

They are wrong. When you drive a company car, you are doing 2 things:

  1. Representing your company in a very public way
  2. Maintaining your driving and insurance record

Many fleets of automobiles have the company logo plastered somewhere on their vehicles. As the fleet owner, you want to take advantage of the ad space and exposure. You will also want to ensure that the drivers representing your company drive diligently and carefully.

As the driver, your job could literally be on the line. Careless driving will reflect badly on your company and could result in your driving privileges being revoked.

Further, if you collect accidents, tickets or at-fault accidents, your personal auto insurance rates may be affected – especially if the broker and insurer do their due diligence.

Others only drive company vehicles and don’t have their own. When that faithful day comes and you have to provide proof that you have been insured, you will get an insurance abstract from your employer’s insurance company. Any bad driving details will be nicely recorded there for the quoting company’s viewing pleasure.

Driving is a privilege not a right. Whether you are driving your own auto or your company’s, think of the bigger picture. Drive safely for you and your company.

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