Fighting illness and losing the war

We buried my aunt this past weekend who fought valiantly against breast cancer. For four years she toughed it out and finally succumbed to the onslaught of the disease on Wednesday the 23rd (RIP Zia). I have a friend whose mother is currently waging her own war against cancer. Any time I speak about Critical illness insurance, I think of people like these who battle so bravely and it makes my discussion sound so insignificant – but it isn’t. Rather it is the most important one to have.

We often don’t think about these diseases and illnesses when going about our daily lives. We wake up, get ready for work, bundle the kids up, battle the traffic to get into the office; deal with work stuff (usually in a windowless cubicle), battle traffic, pick up the kids, get dinner ready, do stuff with kids, prep for next day; sleep.

So what happens when you get that pain, find that lump, get that check up….BAM! Life has now changed. You are in the fight for your life and now, stopping to smell the roses doesn’t sound like such a cliche!

While I have not been ill myself, I can see the suffering, joy, pain in others. All I can do is try to place myself in their shoes and think about my life. What would happen to my wife and my son? What would happen to us while I am fighting the sickness? How will we afford it? How will I fight it?

While I cannot answer the last question (and I pray to God that I never will have to experience that fight) I know that I can protect the ones I love with a critical illness and life insurance policy.

Critical illness will give me the funds I need to get better. Life insurance will give my family the fund they need to: bury me (funeral home, grave plot, tombstone, police escort etc), pay off the mortgage, give my son an education.

I know that I can’t save people from getting sick. I can help them to provide a financial safety net for their loved ones. While you are healthy, while your family is healthy – Build a safety net. If you can afford it – get the plans that return your premium dollars – that way if you stay healthy, you can get money back in the future. Don’t wait until you are sick to think about life insurance and critical illness insurance – it will be too late.

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