Make sure your holidays are happy and claims free!

The holiday season is fast approaching and with it comes bad weather, higher traffic volumes, packed shopping malls and moments of lapsing of concentration. When times get busy, it is easy to forget things, but with a little care and preventative actions, you can enjoy the holiday season with all its joys and headaches!

Tip #1: Avoid Auto accidents:

Nothing sours the holiday season more that a fender-bender or worse: a major auto collision. Keep these few tips in mind while you drive around:

  1. Drive defensively – there is a saying: “the best defense is a good offense” well – this doesn’t work – especially at this time of year. I remember a time when a friend was driving along a road and saw that a car was parked in his lane. He accelerated to get in front of the car beside him so that he could change lanes in time. He pulled in just before the parked car. A tailgating vehicle was not so lucky – and he slammed right into the parked car.
  2. Don’t Drink and Drive. Many of us enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, but there is no excuse for driving drunk let alone buzzed – if you have had too much, just let your spouse drive (or take a cab – better to be safe than sorry).
  3. Parking lot etiquette – this one should be really easy and it ties in with point 1 nicely – Signal that you want to enter a spot! I like to follow shoppers to their cars, but remember when following a shopper – let them know your intent – They usually don’t mind giving you their spot!!

Tip#2 – At Home:

As our homes get dressed up for the holidays, we tend to use allot more electricity and the home fills up with more stuff – don’t forget about:

  1. Electrical Outlets – are not meant to hold 10 different sets of lights, inflatable TV characters or candlesticks! These plugs are usually run are part of a series of outlets and overloading one can do more than flip a breaker!
  2. Trees – When getting a live Christmas tree, you have to remember to keep it hydrated! The dryness in the air (from the heating devices) and the lights glowing in it, can cause a major fire to occur in your home. Always make sure it is watered and don’t leave the lights on when you leave the house to attend all your fun eggnog parties!!!
  3. Burglary – While we can’t help it if we are targeted by a thief, we can limit the amount of goods that they take. A home fire safe (bolted into the concrete floor) can help to protect valuables like jewelry – just make sure your jewelry limit is high enough on your home policy since most only come with $2,000 to $5,000 in jewelry insurance coverage. Making sure that valuable items are hidden – lowers the intrigue of the potential burglar and in my case – a big dog (Husky-Sheppard) is a great way of discouraging trespassers (although if the dog bites an intruder, there could be legal ramifications – but I am not a lawyer and my dog gives me peace of mind – so count this one under: my opinion).

Go out and enjoy the holiday season with all its ups and downs and all arounds. I know that I am going to have fun in the snow!

Happy holidays!

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