Shipping products – Where to get insurance – A questions from a visitor

A recent visitor to the site asked me about shipping a fragile product from Canada to the United States. The person’s question (my client’s & visitor’s names are always kept private) was, “which company or carrier carries…insurance for the shipping of crystal from Canada to the U.S.

I have always been told in school to ask questions because there is always someone else in the class who has the same question. As such, I wanted to discuss the question and answer so that others may make use of it. The answer to this questions lies entirely on your particular situation – whether you are an individual shipping the product or a business shipping the product.

If you are an individual person and you are shipping a product to a person, loved one or a product that you recently sold online, it is most likely that you will be using a common carrier to ship the product (like UPS, FedEx, Purolator etc.)

In this case, the carrier usually has an insurance program that you can use (usually based on weight). It is usually the most cost-effective solution for individuals and insurance companies alike (it saves everyone time and money) PLEASE NOTE: They may have issues with glass products – which means you may just have to wrap it really well (with bubble wrap and fix it in place – good luck!!)

If you are a business however, your package may just be insured already. Most business insurance policies have a coverage called Parcel/Post (located on the property portion of the policy). The parcel post is a coverage that will protect you from losses to product that you send via those common couriers that you use.

The parcel/post coverage is useful for packages that you send that are valued under $5,000 to $10,000. (Many policies will also have a Transit coverage to cover you for products you ship on your own truck).

If you are shipping or importing products on a larger scale, then an ocean/cargo/marine insurance policy is the one for you (I will dedicate a separate article for this).

However you ship products, it is extremely wise to get insurance for it. Make sure the insurance covers you for the loss and the potential lost business that would result from the loss. Preventative maintenance will ensure that in the event of a loss, the loss is a minor nuisance instead of a major headache.

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