Car Colour vs. Insurance Rates, Does it matter?

I was reading an article in the Toronto Star Oct 15th regarding car colours. Apparently, Silver is still the number one colour for vehicles. The article cites various reasons people prefer Silver cars including how some equate silver to money, or how silver is a colour that doesn’t get as dirty. What does the colour of your car tell others about your personality?

According to the article, the colour of your car can tell a lot about your personality. It quotes the meaning of colours from a website called, an online encyclopedia that provides the western definition of colours including:

  • Black – the colour of authority, power and evil
  • White – purity, innocence, etc
  • Red – intense emotions, excitement
  • Blue – Tranquility
  • Green – more of a nature colour
  • Brown – solid, reliable
  • Yellow – a cheerful attention getter
  • Purple – the colour of royalty, luxury & wealth

What does all this mean for your auto rates?

Nothing at all – in some quoting systems the colour doesn’t even get asked. It is merely a matter of record, so don’t worry about getting stuck with an expensive insurance premium based on the colour of your car. It’s true, sometimes a red sports car will stand out a lot more than a black one but if you’re speeding you are still going to get caught!

So go ahead and buy that purple 4 door sedan and be confident that although you may look like royalty, you won’t be paying a royal auto insurance premium because of it!

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