May 21

FROM RSA INSURANCE: How To FireSmart Your Home

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Dec 04

Responding to a Data Breach

No company, big or small, is immune to a data breach. Many small employers falsely believe they can elude the

attention of a hacker, yet studies have shown the opposite is true. According to the Symantec SMB Threat
Awareness Poll Global Results, 40 per cent of the data breaches in 2011 were at small to mid-sized companies.
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Jul 08

Things that make one go hmmm …..

Professional Liability. Errors and Omissions, Malpractice – All common names for a very specific type of coverage: These are policies that people with specialized knowledge have to and should obtain when interacting with the general public because they are being sought out for that knowledge.

Whilst putting together some information for a client of mine, i came across some very interesting points about this coverage from one of the companies i work with: Trisura Guarantee Company :

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Jan 30

Why Buy Insurance – especially for Professionals!

I encounter many people who run their business year in and year out without insurance and only approach the subject when it becomes a contractual obligation. While they may not be required or regulated to carry the insurance, doesn’t mean the risk isn’t present for them to be pulled into a suit for misrepresentation etc. Even BS suits (pardon my French) cost money to defend. So when you buy a policy, what is your money  buying (besides peace of mind)

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Nov 29



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Apr 19

Financing a succession plan

The day will come when someone else will need to take over your company. As a business owner, it is so important that you make plans for the future.

It is a balance between taking care of yourself financially and also making sure that the business is able to thrive in the future with someone else

at the helm.

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Mar 05

Traffic Laws and you … did you know…?

So i was doing a little reading a while back and i found a neat little article in the local paper about traffic rules that exist and do not exist. The article was written by Joe Fantauzzi for the york region papers. I wanted to post this because some of these violations can lead to increases in insurance costs for you (should you be convicted). So let’s play the game … Did you know …?

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Jan 10

Credit Scoring and You

Have you heard of Credit scoring? Yes – awesome – what is your opinion? Feel free to share it below, i welcome a conversation about it. No? Well i think you should – because you may be in for a surprise.

According to Wikipedia, an insurance credit score is a numerical point system based on select credit report characteristics.   Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 29

happy holidays


Real or fake?

The holiday season is a wonderful time for slowing down to appreciate family, friends and oneself.

Remember that vigilance is still require expecially now. Something as beautiful as a Christmas tree could suddenly spark and cause major damage.

Stay safe this holiday season and I wish you all the best in 2012

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Nov 03

Critical illness on the rise yet most Canadian parents not adequately insured

if you think you have agents and sales people knocking on your door, you have to see what we get. One thing that i have learned about life in sales is that people genuinely are passionate about their product. That is a very good thing. You may not want their product or even feel that you have need of it. But sometimes it is really good to listen. Read the rest of this entry »

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